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The Civil Service College, Mauritius (CSCM) is incorporated as a private company with the sole shareholder being the Government of Mauritius.

The Civil Service College, Mauritius (CSCM) has been in operations since 16 November 2015 with the launch of training sessions on Customer Service Excellence and Leadership: Making a Difference.

The CSCM is incorporated as a private company with the Government of Mauritius as the sole shareholder. The CSCM is mandated to cater for the growing training and development needs of public officers at all levels, including those from local authorities and parastatal bodies.

The Civil Service College, Mauritius is MQA registered training institution accredited to provide training and development programmes to public officers of Ministries, Local Authorities, Parastatal Bodies and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs). The training programmes are mounted and delivered to meet the needs of staff at all hierarchical levels.

Courses are customized as per the requirements of stakeholders. We also offer in-house training.

We have a pool of experienced trainers who are working in public institutions, retired top officials, international experts, among others.



The Civil Service College, Mauritius works closely with stakeholders to mount and design training courses that are appropriate and relevant to the workplace. For example, there are regular consultations with the HR Managers of each ministry to develop training courses.

(a) Mystery Shopping;

(b) Induction programmes for newly-recruited employees;

(c) training and skills development programmes for serving employees;

(d) specific on the job-related training;

(e) training and executive development for senior management staff;

(f) refresher courses, workshops, seminars, conferences to encourage the sharing of learning and experience at national and regional level.