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The Civil Service College, Mauritius (CSCM) started to offer training in November 2015. Today the College has trained more than 73, 578 public officers in Mauritius and in Rodrigues.

The Civil Service College, Mauritius in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme and Rodrigues Regional Assembly for public officers of Rodrigues organised a workshop on Awareness on Business Continuity Management. It was held on 21 September 2022 at the Human Resources Center, Malabar, Rodrigues. There were 19 participants enrolled for this course. 

The objectives of the course were to enable participants to:

  • Assess and control operational risk
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to establish a BCM System
  • Exercise and test the Business Continuity Plan for resilience

A two-day Training course on Risk Management was conducted at the Central Administration, Conference Room, Port-Mathurin in Rodrigues on 22 and 23 September 2022. There were 30 participants who benefitted from this training.

The objectives of the course are, inter alia, to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of risk management
  • Understand the risk management framework
  • Effectively identify business risks and risk factors
  • Implement risk controls and mitigation techniques
  • Understand financial implications associated with risks
  • Develop a risk response/mitigation plan (incl. budgeting)

Following a request from the Commission of Education and Training, the CSCM organised training courses in Rodrigues. A total of 200 officers were trained in the following training courses held in July 2016:

Training courses in Rodrigues
Induction Programme for General Services Officer
Leadership for Policy Makers
Leadership for Public Officers
Customer Service Excellence
Writing Parliamentary Questions and Cabinet Documents
Writing Effective Minutes of Meetings
Registry Procedures

The participants were from different levels including Top Management and new recruits who were joining the service.

In the process of planning these courses, Civil Service College, Mauritius took into account the specificity of the Rodriguan community of Civil Service Officers and the type of service they are called upon to provide.

The response from these sessions were positive whereby emphasis was made on the different approaches that they were exposed to and what needs to be done to enable the Civil Service in Rodrigues become equally performing, efficient and effective.

In addition to the above competency based courses, the CSCM in collaboration with the Open University of Mauritius organised an Advanced Secretarial course for 16 Confidential Secretaries of the RRA and also for Advanced Course in Effective Office Management and Supervision for 28 officers in Rodrigues in March 2018.