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 It has been a great professional adventure, thereby sharpening my existing knowledge and skills as educator (secondary), particularly Head-Of-Dept (Computer Dept)

 I firmly believe that the certificates issued by the Civil Service College Mauritius (CSCM) will open new horizons for me in my professional career development.

Accordingly, I seize this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and the personnel of the Civil Service College Mauritius, for having shortlisted me to embark upon that superb professional adventure.

Special thanks to you Mrs Tema and Mrs Joshna for having provided me with timely reminders about the course completion deadlines and other related information. I hope to remain part and parcel of the CSCM family always. 



 I have successfully completed the 26 courses on the iTrain platform. I am very honoured to have taken part in these courses. The different topics covered during these courses will without any doubt enable me to further develop my skills, increase my productivity and help me grow in my career. I have had great satisfaction completing these courses, which I highly recommend to everyone in the Civil Service. A special mention to Mrs Tema Palaram-Gobin for her kind continuous support.



 I thank you for granting me access to the course. Kindly note that i already paid and completed all courses in the platform. I really thank CSCM  for the courses...I really enjoyed and learnt lots from it.

This is quite refreshing...as we are often 'forced' to undertake statutory training courses that are completely useless and irrelevant to what we do. These online courses was optional, but it was the most useful I've had in the last 12 years! 

So I thank CSCM for having offered this special package courses which will benefit us in our working environment. 



 The course was reinforcing.  It has provided me with a platform to enrich my knowledge.  It will help me tremendously in performing my job effectively.  The course has imparted me with a plethora of modules which were very interesting. 

 Thanks to the team of CSCM. 



 Indeed, the course has been very helpful and encouraging.  It has undoubtedly provided me with vast information and it is a valuable learning experience as I feel I'm being challenged along the way.  Through this, I can move forward in my ambitions.

 I'm also thankful to the CSCM team.