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Good Governance

Course Title: Code of Ethics for Public Officers

Course Outline 


This course sets out the standards of correct conduct expected of Public Officers. It emphasizes the importance of a responsible, responsive and caring Civil Service and is intended to promote effective administration and responsible behaviour; and it helps to complement existing legislation and rules and its guiding principles are designed to maintain and enhance values that inspire trust and confidence in the integrity of Public Officers.



Course Objectives 


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  • To provide the direction - a self-imposed vigilance is required to achieve the highest standards of ethical conduct. Each Ministry may however develop further specific standards of conduct which address its own special circumstances.



Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • know their work values
  • know their personal and professional behaviour
  • traits of work ethics
  • know their responsibility towards the public
  • avoid conflicts at work


    Expected Completion

           3-4 weeks


    Hours To Be Earned

           3 Hours


    Online Assessment


    Online Certificate



           Rs 500


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