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Course code:
Organizational Excellence
Frontline/Supervisory/Technical Grades/Middle Management

Course Title: Crisis Management 

Course Outline 



Unplanned eventualities and unexpected incidents represent normal and inevitable elements in the running of any business.  In such instances, developing an effective contingency plans prove to be useful and the way in which they are implemented will determine the overall outcome.  Being able to respond strongly and competently to any imaginable crisis is the mark of a reliable and robust business.  Organizations unable to cope with potential crises are each day facing a dangerously uncertain future.


This crisis management training exposes the participants to the crisis life cycle and provides significant examples of business problems that are being dealt with in real time and showcase timeless ideas that can apply in some circumstances. Thus, participants will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and skills in how to navigate in unexpected situation to ensure business continuity.



Course Objectives 


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  • Understand risk and crisis management concepts
  • Understand the stages and life cycle of crisis management
  • Determine how to manage incidents
  • Apply the process in practical exercise









           2 days



    Hours To Be Earned

           12 Hours







           Rs 4000