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Human Resource Management

Course Title: Performance Management System in the Civil Service

Course Outline 


Public sector organisations are called for more and more accountability, effective management of public resources, high-quality customer care service. All these are linked with the performance (competency, attitude and skills) of public officers in delivering a high-quality service.


This course provides a path for the up skilling of public officers and support key staff/cadre how to put in place a sound Performance Management System by identifying organisation priorities, focus efforts in the right direction and how to manage efficiently resources (i.e. human capital). The participants will have a complete understanding Performance Management and how to make good use of this tool which aims to increase performance of public servants and equip them to identify the right performance indicators, set the targets, effectively link individual performance to the organisational goals and objectives. Emphasizing on continuous professional development would result in boosting employee engagement and productivity: high-performing public workforce.





Course Objectives 


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  • Understand how to align corporate, individual and team objectives
  • Develop a learning organisation
  • Establish clear links between organisational development, the delivery of quality services and the development of employees at work
  • Create a common bond of ownership among all employees
  • Develop, motivate and inspire by a quality performance




Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Carry out a through scanning of the organisation (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Improve Performance Management System processes and systems in organisation
  • Support leadership, motivating and teambuilding processes.



    Expected Completion

           3-4 weeks


    Hours To Be Earned

           3 Hours


    Online Assessment


    Online Certificate



           Rs 500


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