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Organizational Excellence
Middle Management/Supervisory Level


Course Title: Supervisory Skills   

Course Description 


A Supervisor role is to link the front line with the middle management. The Supervisor ensures that Management Strategy is passed on to the floor and information from frontline fed up to Management for improvement of work conditions and performance. A Supervisor therefore “sits” in between Management and the staff; hence their role is quite complex.

Developing the right skills is important in order to instil trust and perform better.

Supervisors have to deal with a group of people and have to motivate them to work towards a common goal. Delegation and developing interpersonal skills makes work sometimes easier.

Motivating your team and empowering them so that they can deliver is any organisation’s main objective.

Developing self-confidence and building trust within the team is crucial so as to achieve common goals. Moreover, it is the supervisor’s responsibility in ensuring that resources are well managed and there is no waste of time and money.




Course Objectives  


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  • Learn techniques about delegation;
  • Understand the importance of motivation and building trust;
  • Make good use of resources;
  • Understand why planning and organising skills are important;
  • Learn supervisory techniques in order to better work in teams;
  • Develop self-confidence;
  • Build competencies of supervisors.




Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform better in their teams;
  • Develop leadership and supervisory skills;
  • Develop the right mindset so as to achieve common goals;
  • Empower and motivate their teams for them to perform;
  • Understand team dynamics;
  • Focus on planning and organising skills;
  • Be more assertive;
  • Develop Interpersonal Skills;
  • Better manage their time and resources.




           2 days



    Hours To Be Earned

           12 Hours







           Rs 4000