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Course code:
Organizational Excellence
Supervisory and Middle Management

Course Title: Risk Management  

Course Outline 



No one can control and manage risk fully, indeed knowing what do before, during, and after an event will mitigate the damage. Identifying potential risks and integrating it part of daily operation is a must nowadays. Preparedness and safety should be the first priorities as to whether you are in the private or public organisation, the reality of risks and hazards are omnipresent.

Through our Risk Management training, participants will be made aware of hazards and risk they didn’t realize were around their workplace. Identification of risks through proper procedures will provide participants the ability to prevent accidents before they occur and mitigating these risks, which if not tackle rightly at the right time, could cause a disruption in operation and even, bring about a chaos.





Course Objectives 


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  • Understand the fundamentals principles of Risk Management;
  • Understand the Risk Management Framework;
  • effectively identify business risks and risks factors;
  • implement risk controls and mitigation techniques;
  • understand financial implications associated with risks and
  • develop a risk response/mitigation plan (including budgeting)



Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain various models and mechanisms of corporate governance and business ethics.
  • Recognize the shareholder/stakeholder rights and responsibilities. 
  • Understand how the board of directors and management perform and the lines of demarcations. 
  • Understand the role of sub committees and how they enforce corporate governance.
  • Analyze the corporate scandals and derive lessons.
  • Develop an approach to be ethical at all times and uphold the ethical values of the organisation. 






           2 days



    Hours To Be Earned

           12 Hours







           Rs 4000



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